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P380 - A world FIRST in its class!
  • Unique high tension friction weld plastic strapping tool for round and small surface applications – first tool in its class!

  • Pneumatic tool, robust design guarantees high reliability.

  • Friction weld technology.

  • No metal seals anymore.

  • Saves time and money.

  • Seal efficiency of friction weld outperforms seal strength of metal seals.

  • Opportunity to convert steel strapping to PET strapping for round applications

  • No seals and the advantages of PET strapping generate important savings!

Technical Data

Strap width: 

13 – 19mm  / ½" – ¾"

Strap thickness: 

0,4 – 1,35mm  / .016" - .053"

Tension force: 

600 – 2000N / 135 – 450lbs with 6bar/ 87psi

Tension speed: 

120 – 200mm/s  / 4,7" – 10,2"/s with 6bar/87psi

Strap Quality: 



6,8kg / 15lbs including suspension bracket


4,9Nl / 0,18cu.ft. per second


8,6Nl / 0,30cu.ft. per second

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